Just Few of Us Know: OMG BPMN 2.0 Certification Programme

Being a knowledgeable business analyst and being an acknowledged one is not the same. That is why many of us tend so much to participate in various certification programmes. The one under consideration today is the Object Management Group (OMG) examination track for BPMN practitioners, OMG Certified Expert in BPM 2™ (OCEB 2™).

As of summer 2014, the programme consists of three examinations: OCEB 2 Fundamental (coded OMG-OCEB2-FUND100), OCEB 2 Business Intermediate (coded OMG-OCEB2-BUSINT200), and OCEB 2 Technical Intermediate (coming soon).

According to the official OCEB 2 Fundamental Coverage Map,

The OCEB 2 Fundamental Exam covers basic elements of Business Essentials and Business Modeling, Business Process, Business Process Management, Business Process Modeling, and essential and widely-used industry frameworks. Holders of the OCEB 2 Fundamental Certification have demonstrated the knowledge and modeling skills to be productive members of a BPM project team on either the Business or Technical side of the aisle.

Reading a like Coverage Map for OCEB 2 Business Intermediate exam, you can find that,

The OCEB 2 Business Intermediate Exam starts by completing coverage of the BMM, including influencers, assessments, and modeling scenarios; and continues with advanced BPMN modeling in many areas; the advantages of a shared business-wide vocabulary as provided by SBVR and, based on this, the Business Rules approach. It concludes with coverage of BP Management knowledge and skill areas including KPI, BAM, Process Simulation and Optimization, and Modeling ROI; industry frameworks for Process Quality, Metrics, Governance, and Regulatory Compliance.

To get aware of a third exam, stay tuned to the OMG Web site.


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