WUD@ITMO: Training Hard Skills

A five-hour data visualisation workshop conducted during WUD@ITMO in St. Petersburg a couple of weeks ago saw an accidental success. And here’s what we think of its outcomes and perspectives both domestically and abroad.
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Advanced C++ Course Sees Active Support from BMSTU Community

A recently completed classroom-based course on advanced C / C++ programming awarded earlier this month has eventually seen a 90% support from Bauman MSTU students, with 6 of 10 trainees ranking the course as excellent. In the academic year of 2012/2013, the course had also been warmly supported by 82% to 85% of Bauman students.

A Best Trainer 2013/2014 Award from Mail.Ru Group

Education activities sponsored by Mail.Ru Group and undertaken at Bauman MSTU have led to curious results. Early in December, the blog author has been awarded as one of four Best Trainers of the joint project of Mail.Ru and BMSTU in 2013/2014. Winners have been chosen after a monthlong closed ballot by some 200 students, colleagues, and managers of the project.

A C++ Blog Won 1st Place from Bauman MSTU Students

A good news has recently come from Bauman MSTU where the author delivers advanced courses on C / C++ programming for Unix-like operating systems. The limited-access blog on C++ language, frameworks, and development issues launched late in 2012 found an active support from its audience and since November 2013 has been steadily taking the first rank among other blogs and feeds for project trainees.