Perennial Favorites: Should You Connect Your Blog to Your LinkedIn Account?

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It’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate our personal and professional lives — in real life and online. In this post from last year, Ben points out some of the potential benefits — and drawbacks — of linking your blog to your LinkedIn profile.

Many bloggers are already enjoying the benefits of connecting their sites to their social networks via Publicize. Sharing your posts on Facebook and Twitter might be a no-brainer — clearly, all your friends and followers want to read your latest piece of staggering wit. But what about professional social network LinkedIn?

Here are some points to consider before you decide to push your blog’s content to your professional profile, too.

Salarymen, by Tom Hilton (CC BY 2.0)Salarymen, by Tom Hilton (CC BY 2.0)

Making the link

LinkedIn is the biggest and most vibrant business-oriented social network. It has hundreds of millions of members, who use it…

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Presentations in English at a Distance of Your Request

As our English-speaking followers have noticed, presentations for conference talks published earlier on the blog are provided in Russian. Unfortunately, that makes them unavailable for readers from other parts of the world.

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