CISQ: Mission Complete

This Tuesday, we have completed the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) technical debt remediation survey, and thus contributed to the CISQ Technical Debt specification. The survey is designed to collect estimates of the time required to fix each of the weaknesses in the four CISQ Quality Characteristic measures. These estimates are needed to develop a measure of the technical debt in an application.

Average estimates based on the collected data will be used for estimating the effort to fix critical weaknesses in an application and provide an estimate of its Technical Debt in hours of effort which can be transformed into costs in a local currency.

Accurate time estimates are critical to this effort and being gathered for the 86 weaknesses (violations of good architectural and coding practice) that comprise the 4 CISQ Quality Characteristic measures: Reliability (29 items),  Security (22 items), Performance Efficiency (15 items), Maintainability (20 items). Each violation is listed with its identification number, a description of the weakness, and fields for estimating the time required to fix the weakness and whether it involves fixes to multiple components.

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