WUD@ITMO: Training Hard Skills

A five-hour data visualisation workshop conducted during WUD@ITMO in St. Petersburg a couple of weeks ago saw an accidental success. And here’s what we think of its outcomes and perspectives both domestically and abroad.

The key point of the event was to train hard skills of designing from scratch clearly understandable and easily readable graphical signs, groups of those signs, and entire dashboards: software application screens, interactive touchtables, whatever… In essence, we dealt with user interaction (UI) design from the viewpoint of a visual ontology modelling with a little bit of underlying Saussurean semiotics considerations.

In future versions, we’ll do our best to accompany the workshop with fresh ideas coming from new theoretical content and (or) practices. Anyway, we are confident that we shall enhance the material with some stuff regarding cartography and making responsive maps capable of generalising information presented and more…

Although in this case, the workshop would eventually grow longer and become a full-day activity.

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