«Is There Life After Hackathons?..»

Kindly — though unexpectedly — invited by NUMA Moscow, we took part in a round table «Outside-in approach: Is there life after hackathons and challenges?» conducted at the A.N. Skryabin’s Museum as part of the NUMA-sponsored conference «What is ‘Open Innovation’ and Why You Need it» yesterday.

Actually done as a panel discussion, it gathered co-panelists from both industry and academia, including Bauman Moscow State Technical University and the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. Successfully moderated by Yannick Tranchier of NUMA Moscow and Ob’vious, the round table appeared to be a vivid 45-minute discussion of pros and cons of traditional hackathons as well as bootcamps and other kinds of challenges launched by both corporates and development teams seen from at least three different perspectives: those of organisers, developers, and large-sized companies. The language of the event was English.

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