Farsight: What We Do

Ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner what problems a particular service solves is often crucial for success of the service provider. This time we’ll talk a bit about what we do at our freshly baked startup, Farsight.

Focused on a rapid delivery of the trusted user-generated content (UGC), Farsight is a first-of-a-kind productivity tool for media specialists who create original text-intensive materials (e.g., journalists, editors, bloggers). Farsight aggregates UGC from various social media such as Twitter, analyses and prioritises it, and provides the result to end users as the preprocessed information accompanied with related photos, videos, statistics, spatial data, etc.

Behind this project is a simple idea that conventional online media are losing their battle against social networks where millions users of well-equipped handheld devices can instantly upload their pictures and post written evidences of what is going on in places they are at the moment. Indeed, even today breaking news often appears on Facebook or Instagram earlier than in established channels.

As social-media journalism coming up, the real-time monitoring of major UGC sources gets crucial. Just to hold their grounds, editorial offices start paying attention to trends in social networks, acknowledgments and official statements on Twitter / Facebook accounts of authority bodies, etc.  Meanwhile, fast and speedy, social media raise questions of fact checking, detecting fake accounts, and many others.

Farsight addresses these issues and provides online (digital) media with a B2B service that is capable of collecting Twitter trends, top news from leading national news agencies (e.g., TASS in Russia) and other sources of interest. After consolidation, news streams are optionally merged and presented as a real-time, dynamically self-updating dashboard of current events tagged with automatically identified names of people and (or) organisations, dates as well as locations shown on a geographical map. What’s more, the resulting news stream can be limited by one or several criteria: source, category, etc.

Dashboard items can be drilled down to single posts, tweets, comments and along with pictures and videos found these can be used as an on-hand material for news and analytical articles prepared without leaving Farsight.

Farsight is a business-to-business SaaS solution available for subscribers on an advance-payment, per-user basis. Along with a turnkey solution, Farsight offers consulting and adaptation services for ad hoc installations.

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