Workshop at Analyst Days 2016

Being a member of the Analyst Days 2016 programme committee, I can’t pass by an opportunity to conduct a workshop entitled «Four Simple Steps to Your Best Meeting».

On-site collaboration with stakeholders is a reality every analyst has to deal with. Life lessons learnt from previous meetings, working groups, brainstorming sessions often help out, but sometimes do they not. Why, at times, do we feel uneasy during meetings and — what’s worse — do the same our colleagues?

The reasons can be quite unexpected and non-intuitive. An ill choice of a meeting room, lack of printed documents to discuss, latecomers and early-leavers among participants… Why do these little things come into play and bring thoroughly planned and well prepared meetings to an abrupt failure?

The workshop will shed light on the issue, help you find answers, and train some “protective” skills derived from psychology, linguistics, and other related areas. Attendees will get aware of B. Tuckman’s group dynamics theory, human representational systems, extra-linguistic performance of individuals.

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