CEE-SECR’2015 Talk Proposal: How Can Analysts Benefit from Systems Engineering?

The end of July is a traditional deadline for CEE-SECR speakers to submit their proposals. This year, we are happy to announce our half-an-hour talk at the Eleventh Central & Eastern Europe — Software Engineering Conference (Russia) and kindly call for your votes for How Can Analysts Benefit from Systems Engineering on the Submission page (both English and Russian abstracts available).

Talk Abstract

A speaker’s on-hand teaching experience provides a clear evidence of a hard-to-explain and very pitiful professional isolation of home-grown system and business analysts from the European and worldwide trends. Particularly, a good few of practitioners go not far from naïve approaches, tools, and techniques. Junior analysts eventually adopt non-reusable routines and work methods from their senior colleagues.

In our talk, we will discuss success stories and share some practical results in introducing analysts to the world of modern business analysis and requirements engineering, while giving them the ability to harness the state of the art of software development lifecycle, processes, and methodologies based on a current systems engineering viewpoint. With this in mind, we focus on effective Russian and international systems and software engineering standards, bodies of knowledge, key terms and ideas behind them, their ontologies and domain metamodels. Real-life cases from the speaker’s engineering practice will also be discussed.

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