Introducing… Plain-Text Analysts

Being an analyst means, first of all, continuously studying and learning from one’s own practice and other people’s experience. Unfortunately, there is a real-life category of system and business analysts who don’t do that for years. I call’em plain-text analysts.

What’s wrong about them? The only thing—years ago, they have mastered and got used to a single technique and now just readily deal with natural-language, vastly ambiguous texts—requirements, specifications, whitepapers. Plain texts. And no more.

Sadly, they recognise none of model-based analysis artifacts, grasp no importance of formal notations, be these as simple as UML or as sophisticated as ArchiMate. With this attitude deep in their minds, they foul the professional reputation of your humble author and his ever-advancing colleagues. No wonder that I am sorry about them. Are you, folks?

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