Let’s Draw.io It!

In one of the ealier posts in Russian, we have already reviewed two popular online UML tools. That time, we focused on well-known cloud-based solutions, Creately and GenMyModel.  Now, we’d like to share our experience in using a third diagram maker, Draw.io (formally Diagramly).

New projects completed recently by our Bauman MSTU students employed Draw.io to visualise and communicate architecture descriptions of the developed systems in the Unified Modeling Language. Draw.io diagrams appear to be clear, friendly, and comprehensible.

Apart from UML artifacts, Draw.io is capable of being used as a flowchart maker, network diagram software, an ER diagram tool and a database schema designer, an online BPMN builder, a circuit diagram maker, etc. It’s targetted as a 90% functionality online Microsoft Visio alternative and includes Visio format import.

What’s more?

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