When BPM does not stand for a business process model

Years ago, I couldn’t even imagine that one day I would chase for a program to calculate beats per minute (BPM) and accordingly rearrange my dancesport music collection. But it’s recently happened!

Sadly, my previous attempts failed due to inaccuracy and awkwardness of the on-hand software that made me get through a cumbersome setup wizard, (Sic!) play songs one by one, and — jokes apart — write down BPM values on paper! Now, it all belongs to the past.

My new tool is lightweight, free to download and use, provides me with a familiar shell GUI, and… rarely — although it sometimes does — gives erroneous results. It’s quite correct in treating euro pop compositions suitable for discofox dancing, some certain bachatas, waltzes… what else? Other genres are yet to be tested.

That is why today my warmest recommendations go to… Abyssmedia BPM Counter available at http://www.abyssmedia.com/bpmcounter/

P.S. As you have already seen, this post has nothing to do with another BPM area which is business process models (and modelling). This very BPM will take its place in the blog later.

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